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As I write this the Christmas season is upon us and we have just survived a very long cold snap.  We're talking between -30 and -40 for several weeks.  It's now only -10 which is perfect toboganing weather.  

This year has had a couple of road bumps but things have turned out ok.  In May I had my annual ultrasound and everything was clear in my Kidneys which is always a relief.  Toward the end of August I noticed a lump growing on my neck.  I thought I would give it a few weeks to see if it would go away on it's own but it didn't, so by the end of September I went to my Dr.  He took one look and I think he kind of panicked when he saw a 1.5 cm lump in my neck.  I've never had an ultrasound appointment so fast.  The Dr. appointment was on a Tuesday and he got me in on Thursday.  The ultrasound was done by a Dr. (usually it's a tech that can't share results with you) and this Dr. was the rudest person I've met so far in my cancer journey.  The whole time she was scanning me she kept telling me that I was wasting her time and resources.  All the while I'm freaking out inside because I think I've got more cancer to deal with.  Finally she just came out and said "It's not cancer, you can leave now".  

I went back to my Dr. to discuss the results and he wanted to be certain that the original cancer hadn't spread to my bones so I had a bone scan in November.  It took almost a month to get the results back but all was good.  No evidence of metastasis.

I don't think I will ever get used to the anxiety of the scan (scanxiety) or the torture of waiting for the results.  It feels like a terrible roller coaster ride that really never ends.  Regardless, I'm very thankful to be healthy for another year.

My wish for all of you is that you will be blessed with health and happiness, not just this Christmas but throughout the coming year.  I pray for you all often and deeply appreciate your prayers and kind words over the past few years.


Blessings to you all!



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Mike I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a very Happy Healthy New year. That doctor was the Saskatchewan's "bad apple" doctor! We had it cold but clear here for quite a spell also, part of being a Canadian :) Keep those clear scans coming Hugs
Wow, I can't believe what that doctor said to you. That is crazy. Happy Holidays!!
More evidence that everyone in cancer care should see the movie "50/50." Hope yours is a great new year! Abrazo! B
Mike I can relate to this. We feel guilty because we are alive, when others are / have not been so fortunate. We feel guilty about abusing the overtaxed medical resources, when so many do not have our luxury. My next cancer-check-up is Feb, and I am still hesitant about making long term plans... So glad you have updated, take care and have a fabulous Christmas season... Lois.
Merry Christmas Mike, and wish Kari and the troop a Merry Christmas from all of us Albertans. We too have finally broken out of the cold spell, and funny enough, never got stuck once during the nasty storms, but now that everythings melting, boom, get stuck. I can relate very much to your scanxiety and the ups and downs of the journey. Before I knew I was sick, about 5 - 7 months before, I could swear something was wrong inside, and I did cleanses and did everything I could to shake it. I finally let it go, but it found me. I went looking for it, and it found me. So now, I don't look for the monster, I don't stray from the path of a normal diet. I do what I can to forget I ever had it. I'd like to believe that if I believe that everything's ok, it will be ok (I know that's not always the truth, but I like to believe it anyways). I've been very successful in getting back to living, but every so often, something happens, and boooooooom, I'm right back at square one, and I don't think it will ever go away. Just keep doing your best. Yes, a lump would scare the shit out of me, pardon my French, but it would. I think I would have a mental breakdown, so considering you held up so well means your doing good. After having gone through this whole experience, I truly believe in miracles. It's a friggin miracle I'm here today. I'm also admitting that the cancer was a blessing, because my life was in a tailspin, and the cancer course corrected my life. So, as much as I hate the monster, the monster keeps me in line. Sorry for ranting, but what are cousins for? All I know is 2014 is going to be an amazing wicked awesome year, with good health and good cheer. Cheers, Dale
Hey Mike, just saw this now. I just had my 3 year check with my specialist, all is well. I can relate to the anxiety of scans, and ultrasounds... Hope you continue good health! Do you still get those weird feelings inside? I do, I am sure it is scar tissue... Lois
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Latest Update

I've been wanting to write a quick update on how things are with me but life keeps getting in the way.  That statement should be enough ... "life keeps getting in the way".  What a blessing to be able to say that.

I just read a post by Mac that talked about being "sensitive to the reality of time and how fleeting it is."  Over the past year I have been acutely aware of time passing.  Passing all too quickly.  My oldest daughter started highschool and now has her learners permit.  My 13 year old son surpassed me in height.

I spent my winter coaching hockey, reffing hockey, watching hockey, watching basketball and just basically chasing my kids around the province.  In other words I've been living. 

As for my health, I still struggle with upper abdominal pain on the same side as my surgery.  Sometimes it behaves like a Gall Bladder issue and other times it's not too bad.  I just had my 2 year CT scan and everything is clear.  NED as they say.  I am very relived to have that done for another year.  

That's my life in a nutshell lately.  I still check here often and pray for my fellow Cancer fighters.  


Blessing All!

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Glad to hear from you Mike! All is good here, day by day. Enjoy spring and summer, it might finally be here.
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Here's hoping that "life keeps getting in the way." Sounds idyllic, actually. Abrazo! B
I think the abdominal pain is from internal scar tissue. I have it too, and it is worse when I am stressed. Weird ghost pain.
Congratulations on your recent clear tests! It's great to hear you are living life. It's so very important to stay in the life game with positive thoughts and activities. You are blessed.
Have a great week!
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This might seem cliché ... life is precious. Every hug, laugh, kiss, touch..etc..precious!!!

Pray for my family.

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